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♚ LANGUAGES: English
♚ HEIGHT: 5'2"
♚ FAMILY: Older brother, younger cousin, older cousin, elder sister and lots of baby cousins
♚ HOBBIES: Shopping, Traveling, Gaming, Spending time with friends & family
♚ LIKES: the color purple (if you can't tell :p), chocolate, sleeping, tea, coffee, action-adventure movies, romantic/romantic comedy movies, tv shows (as of current - this is subject to change per season): The Night Shift, American Ninja Warrior, the Chicago trilogy, Arrow, The Flash, Lip Sync Battle, Hawaii 5-0 (modern version), The Amazing Race
♚ DISLIKES: Being overly hot or cold, not accomplishing goals, losing/wasting money, Mondays (:p)
♚ HOW I GOT INTO RPING: It's been so long ago, I kinda forgot; I'm pretty sure I got lured into by one of my friends or another. I would do a lot of pan-universe RP's and I mostly RP'd only on Livejournal, but I stopped about...hmm...2008 or so I think? And since then, I've been playing Sims, but I'm tired of that now and I'm back into RPing - although not like what I was doing, although I have a nice plethora of characters so far (look below) and I've enjoyed everyone I've RP'd with so far :D


♚ FANDOM - GETBACKERS: Kazuki [profile] fuuchoin_kazuki
♚ FANDOM - YUGIOH: Yami Yugi [personal profile] yami_no_yugi, Otogi [personal profile] ryuuji_otogi
♚ FANDOM - WINX CLUB: Bloom [personal profile] dragonfire_sparks, Aisha [personal profile] morphix_tides
♚ FANDOM - LIVE ACTION PGSM: Makoto/Jupiter [personal profile] guardian_of_strength, Minako/Venus [personal profile] guardian_of_love
♚ FANDOM - LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Sara/The White Canary [personal profile] the_white_canary
♚ FANDOM - TEKKEN: Hwoarang [personal profile] blood_talon, Lili de Rochefort [personal profile] platinum_grace
♚ FANDOM - RANMA 1/2: Ranma [personal profile] ranma_saotome


♚ HOW'S MY DRIVING: If there's something better I can do with any of my characters, please let me know; however, please do it in a decent, respectful way (i.e. no ALL CAPS RAWRRRR stuffs. That will get ignored and deleted immediately)

♚ PLOT MACHINE: I am always down for a good plot! Hit me up with anything and we'll see what transpires! ^_^

♚ OTHER GAMES I'M INTO: Check me out on YouTube: BFU Productions - there's only a few there right now since I'm just now getting into this whole scene :p

♚ CONTACT INFO: PM on here or you can email me at
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